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The Rabbit Diaries

Who Says Bunnies Can't Speak?

The Bunny Journals!
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All Members , Moderated
Hi everyone and welcome to The Bunny Journals!

This is an open community with entries written from the perspective of your pet bunnies. Anyone can join, and any member can post. This community is moderated by pierre_n_siena, two bunnies who are always arguing about who owns the journal. Or who owns ANYTHING, really...

We just have a few
*You must write from your rabbit's perspective. You have total freedom of spelling and grammar here, or any other writing techniques to help you express your rabbit's personality.

*You must write from the perspective of a REAL rabbit. No cartoon bunnies, or bunnies that you wish you've had. (You don't need to have a bunny to friend the journal and read the entries!)

*Your rabbit does not necessarily have to be alive anymore.

*Your userpic must be of the rabbit that is writing the entry. It's really great to put a face to a name!

*Photos in your entries are more than welcome! However, keep in mind that large photos belong behind an LJ cut.

This is a brand new community, so expect the rules and regulations to constantly evolve.

If this is your first time joining the Bunny Journals, please make an post introducing yourself!