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Help Houdini Escape!

You guys were so awesome with Albus--I just KNOW your positive vibes got him adopted. I know so many of you are far away, but even your thoughts help! If you have a moment, send a prayer for Houdini:
The Rabbit Haven is once again asking for your help in rescuing a precious bunny on death row at a local shelter. He is such an effective escape artist that the shelter cannot place him in their special show cages, so the public cannot see him. Houdini is a very alert, smart and healthy bunny. He is also gorgeous, with beautiful facial markings. This cute fellow is stuck in a shelter cage right now facing death due to space concerns. He has a few days, not much more.

Houdini has already been neutered. He likes to come up to you and say hello and he likes to be pet on his forehead. The shelter cages are metal and make a loud sound when opened so the rabbits at the shelter are always frightened. He seems uncomfortable and wants out of his cage. A shelter advocate said "It took me a while to pick him up, so I used one of my own soft blankies to comfort and to hold him. As soon as I held him he was like a big baby. I believe he loved being held in a soft blanket." He has black and white wiskers with a black moustache just like his famous namesake. Houdini is an absolute joy, and he just wants to be able to go home.

Can you help save his life? His time at the shelter is growing short, he only has a few days left. If you can help him, please call us. Call Auntie Heather at 831 239-7119 if you think you can help.

Look at that earnest face!!!
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