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Albus--the FULL story

March 15th
Adorable Albus, desperately needing rescue, was rescued by The Haven this evening just in time! He had been in a shelter for over six months, and was now facing euthanasia. His time at the shelter was almost done, he was living on borrowed time. The shelter notified us about his plight, and we immediately started looking for a way to get him out and safe. Haven volunteers notified rabbit people all around the world about Albus by posting on MySpace, Craig's List, LiveJournal, BinkyBunny, The Lagomorph Lounge and other bunny web sites. The messages of encouragement we received were much appreciated!

The Haven was finally able to get him out. He was transported by Connie on very short notice!. Thank you Connie!!!! Albus was surprised to see her, yet calm. He was very curious. He just kept looking around taking it all in. The car ride didn't even seem to bother him. We were all so paniced all day, worried as he sat there at the shelter all day still at risk! But, the shelter manager helped, and as soon as she could get there Connie whisked him away - to love and safety.

Then, like magic, his forever home was found - Blessings to Sweet David who loved him the minute he first looked at him. David read about Albus on Craig's List, and decided that he would offer Albus a permanent home as his very own companion bunny. He saved Albus! It was just meant to be. David also has lots of exotic birds and eventually Albus (after we neuter him) will be considering a companion of his own! Such great news!!!!! Even after suffering the loss of his Father In-Law yesterday, David was still able to find room in his heart for Albus.

Thank you everyone and especially David for providing Albus a loving, special home and to Stephanie for helping cover the expenses of his neuter. Thank you to everyone who offered Albus a home, some from as far away as Canada. Thanks to Connie for transporting and Erin, Valerie and Ray for posting for urgent help! Losing Albus was just NOT going to happen. Tonight I hear Albus is slowly exploring, and trundling about checking out his new space, loving his new dad. "Hey there is really good food here" he says! "What!!! No cold metal cage and no barking dogs? I think I am in bunny heaven! Ahhhhh and I get such good pets from my Dad. Oh this is just GREAT!!!!!"
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